Snow Day Kindness

I remember snow days when I was a kid. My brother and I were enterprising lads, and we could make a child’s fortune (that’s, like, $10 or $20) clearing some driveways in our neighborhood.

Looking back, now, though, some of the best jobs were the driveways that we cleared for free.

I don’t remember what the split was between our paying jobs our pro bono work…it’s all in the blender of memory, now. I remember Mom and Dad encouraging us to get out and help, and I remember Dad coming out with us and relishing the work.

I’ve tried to carry that lesson of helping our neighbors into my adulthood. I’ll admit that I’m a bit lazy when it comes to snow, though: if it’s just a couple inches, I won’t even bother with our driveway, and we’ll just drive right over it.

Today, I had the opportunity to capture that great feeling of helping others, and to work with my Dad. We got a decent snow here in St. Louis — about 10″ so far, or what my relatives in the North East refer to as “a dusting” – -and the driveways were filled with heavy snow.

After shoveling our own driveway, I helped our neighbor across the street clear some paths for his wife to get out with her car. I then headed down the street to help my parents (and to make sure that my Dad didn’t try to shovel his own driveway + all the neighbors on his own).

Dad and I cleared their driveway, and then we helped one neighbor, and the next, with their driveways. Helping, and being out with my father and our neighbors felt so great, that I didn’t mind the slow buildup of feeling in my muscles that told me I was going to pay for each heavy shovelful later.

I’m still a bit lazy with shoveling compared to my Dad, though: I’m content to leave the edges a little uneven, and maybe a spot of white somewhere on the driveway.

I hope that your snow days are as wonderful as mine.

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